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This week’s big comeback story was the return of Kris Kross. We didn’t post about that, though, so instead please welcome back Justin Timberlake. Missed u JT. “Suit & Tie” was our most viewed post of the week. But even more controversial were our Album Of The Week selection and rankings of the Flaming Lips discography and Beck’s 10 best songs. Lots of insightful comments on those, everyone. Good job. Now it’s time to grab a drink, slip into your full body Bowie sweater, and relive the get-fresh flow below.


#10 scruffy | Jan 16th Score:27

I’d also like to see a “Flaming Lips Publicity Stunts From Most to Least Obnoxious” list.

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Simon Chapman | Jan 14th Score:28

I’m excited, but that’s got to be one of the worst album covers of all time.

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Nick Degel | Jan 11th Score:28

Joe Howse: The Jeff Mangum of the Stereogum comments section

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#7 dcapp | Jan 16th Score:29

Do you realize you made a terrible list?

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Weszy Rosen | Jan 14th Score:31

Everywhere I turn, people are ragging on this track. I dunno why. It gets me moving, it’s catchy enough, Jay’s verse isn’t great but all in all I’m really digging this thing.

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Stephen Fish | Jan 17th Score:35

On a more serious note, and I know this will probably be unpopular, I actually love Midnite Vultures and I’m sad nothing made the cut. Sexx Laws? Get Real Paid? Peaches & Cream? Milk & Honey? All great songs!

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Joe Howse | Jan 11th Score:35

Another mention. The weight of my sterogum comment section fame has become too great, I’m going into seclusion. I’ll start working on my next comment in five years and you can all see it in seven.

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#3 carson | Jan 16th Score:36

Haha, the Stereogum rule of “take the generally agreed upon best album and take it out of the No. 1 spot” is in FULL effect here.
This is the Stereogummiest one yet.

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Brock Boonstra | Jan 16th Score:39

Yoshimi that low? I want your badge and gummy skull on my desk by morning.

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#5 wildbilly | Jan 11th Score:-19

Oh it’s cool to like Destiny’s Child now? Stupid hipsters…

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#4 copy_paster_cat | Jan 14th Score:-20

no, he’s a smug fuck

Posted in: Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” (Feat. Jay-Z)
#3 wildbilly | Jan 11th Score:-24

I’m not a troll, i just have an opinion. If you must know my favorite album from this year was Chromatic’s Kill for Love. My favorite album of all time is In the aeroplane over the sea. My favorite film is Ben Hur.
Satisfied? Idiot.

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#2 wildbilly | Jan 17th Score:-31

Lost respect for him when he did that stupid sheet music thing. He’s so up himself he thinks all his fans are musicians. Dick.

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#1 wildbilly | Jan 11th Score:-31

I had to create an account specifically to ask why everyone is excited for a new album by the has been bisexual freak that is Bowie?? He had max two good albums in his whole career.

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Hank Above Skies | Jan 15th Score:6

Mellowgold’s 3D robot-skeleton thing is coming to rescue you, ugly baby

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Kyle Jameson | Jan 16th Score:3

I would like an extra camera permanently fixed on the audience during performances such as this. Then place that frame in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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Comments (34)
  1. First, thanks to everyone that helped out last week with my David Bowie misunderstanding. That was a close call.

    Second, I wanted to share the Burial Make-It-Yourself Mix I compiled from his two EPs and the new 12 inch.

    1. “Street Halo”
    2. “Kindred”
    3. “Rough Sleeper”
    4. “NYC”
    5. “Stolen Dog”
    6. “Truant”
    7. “Loner”
    8. “Ashtray Wasp”

    Bonus: This is intended to be a playlist you make with yr (il)legal Burial mp3s, but it’s also turntable friendly!

    After falling in love with Truant/Rough Sleeper, I realized Burial had released enough material since Untrue to constitute an album. (All eight songs fit on one CD {barely})

    Hopefully Burial fans will enjoy it and maybe it’ll encourage some new Burial fans! (*cough*StereogumstaffexcludingM.Nelson*cough*)

  2. Clean sweep: Harder than it looks.

  3. Anyone else think the new Joy Formidable record deserves an AOTW nod next Tuesday? (Off topic I know, but general discussion seems allowed on “Shut up, Dude!” threads.)

  4. Finally sittin’ at the big kids’ table.

  5. I’m surprised Tom didn’t write about Gunplay’s new mixtape today. Oh well, i’m sure i’ll hear about it next week.

  6. I’ll start off by issuing the upteenth apology to team Stereogum for reaming them up in the Merchandise ticket giveaway thread (who won that, by the way? There were three tickets, and only like, 7 people entered…) This impending b-day has me in wolverine mode during the day, and remorseful commenter mode by night. If these comments start showing up written in blood mid-next week, that probably means I finally pulled the trigger.

    Thank you to that punkish porn star chick in the Tegan and Sara new song post who logged in with her facebook profile, which features a picture of her topless.

    Attn: Stereogum tech lackeys: The site is running reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow on Firefox by the way, and has been since late afternoon. I had to use IE to log in and post this comment, which I don’t think I’ve used since 2008.

    Coachella lineup (assumed) next Tuesday or Wednesday. Still wondering if I’m going to go, but it’ll depend on the lineup. It might actually be nice to potentially meet RaptorJesus or something this year (if I’m still alive.)

    • Actually, confession, but I gave listen to that Dropkick Murphy’s album and it isn’t half bad HAH!

    • Speaking of Coachella lineup, CoS now reports that the Stones won’t be headlining due to a “money dispute.”:

      Not that I would want them there, but what tends to happen in any case where the headliner they wanted can’t do it for whatever reason / discrepency is that Goldenvoice goes to plan B, which has in the past never been quite as good (The Cure replacing Neil Young in 2009 — personally, I felt like the Cure’s set was a bit dry, although they do play very well and long — and the Dre / Snoop / 2Pac hologram replacing Black Sabbath last year.)

      This could also mean a further delay to the lineup announcement depending how fast plan B works out.

    • I’m at least taking this year off from Coachella. Last year was such a unique blend of bands from all my different musical tastes that I doubt 2013′s line-up could top it.

      Trying to focus in on different events. I’ve only been to SXSW two times, which is criminal considering I’m a 7 hour drive from Austin. Plus Stereogum throws a mean party down South. I owe them everything for getting to meet the good looking Jesus :P

      • I took 2011 off because the lineup wasn’t all that “special” in terms of reunions and once-in-a-lifetime live returns, and more so just “a bunch of huge, popular bands right now” compared to other years. Last year, the ATDI and Refused reunions had me sold so easily, but I think this year is going to be like 2011 again, though.

        Also, I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of us are allowed to meet the Stereogum staff at any points in our lives. If they even exist at all (like that new “Claire” chick — Yeah, based on the number of by lines she’s posted so far, she’s probably just as real as Manti T’eo’s dead girlfriend.)

      • At the end of the day, it’s all the matrix anyway.

  7. I’ve been deep back in to Talk Talk the last week or two so I wrote a little intro. If any of you guys have never listened to this band please, please listen to this band.

  8. Hey! I made the list! Hooray for mayor Steve!

  9. After reading the comments on this site for a week I’ve determined this site is nothing but a massively inbred, self-referential circlejerk.

    And it’s hilarious and I love it.

  10. Not that anyone will care – nor should they, I suppose – but I’m a 40 year old grown ass man and I am so far from being a “hipster” that you could spend vast amounts of time trying to measure the distance. I like Destiny’s Child because I liked them fifteen years ago. Since when does liking something make you a bad person? Since when is anybody who likes something automatically a hipster? Personally, I think the biggest wannabe hipsters are the ones who are constantly hating on people for being hipsters. It’s a vicious circle, people! Recognize it now so you can stop before it’s too late!

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