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We kicked off this week with a comment party for the Grammys, a pretty tame ceremony from which we managed to find 10 least boring moments. We heard new songs from Tyler, The Creator, the Postal Service, and the Strokes. We ranked the Who’s discography and Tegan And Sara’s 10 best songs. We gave Pissed Jeans Album Of The Week. And we deconstructed villainizing musicians. Here are the best and worst things you had to say about it all.


#10 djfreshié | Feb 12th Score:35

Yeah, Michael Nelson, you need to land your creative writing helicopter at urban outfitters, cause youre in the abbreviation sky, word fuels running low and you might as well crash where you feel welcome wordswordswords

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#9 Chipotle | Feb 10th Score:37

Nice to see someone beating Chris Brown.

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Nathan Christensen | Feb 8th Score:39

Don’t worry. I’m working on an “In Defense of Michael_” column.

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Corey Minagh | Feb 8th Score:42


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#6 Tom Breihan | Feb 8th Score:44

Blinkered, disdainful ignorance of mass culture is probably my least favorite thing about indie culture.

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Connor Hughes | Feb 8th Score:44

Is it alright if I’m just neutral towards them, is that cool?

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#4 honlads | Feb 8th Score:44
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Corey Minagh | Feb 8th Score:51


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#2 honlads | Feb 8th Score:77

You honour, my client is clearly insane…

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Corey Minagh | Feb 8th Score:102


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#5 Michael_ | Feb 11th Score:-21

Another non-boring thing (at least in the comment party and Twitter) was when people discovered Lena Dunhum is dating one of the guys from fun.

Because god forbid some dude from fun. is hitting it with the least attractive cast member of Girls, as if she was at the top of your list of dream girls.

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Santiago Belandres | Feb 8th Score:-24

Didn’t even bother to finish it.

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Andrew Burr | Feb 8th Score:-35

i’ve been number one for best comment. I really want to get number one for worst comment now.

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Corky Anderson | Feb 12th Score:-41

At the very least, the advertising for their album is straightforward. They ARE bankrupt-of any novel musical invention. Unless you’re urban outfitters, the gap or other forms of overpriced and overstocked commerce departments that likes cheeky wallpaper harmless safe music running in in it’s echo chamber changing stalls mindlessly, well, then, this buds for you! This band should have gone away after 1991 or liztomania. Sorry but i’m new to the board and i just dont get the love for so many so called “indie” buzz bands. These guys have sold millions of records for basically the same formula and they are running out of ideas. Land your creative helicopter down at the gap phoenix, cause youre in the sky, fuels running low and you might as well crash where you feel welcomed $$$

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Phil Herring | Feb 8th Score:-66

I wasn’t aware I was not supposed to like Mumford? Oh well, seeing them in Brooklyn (of all places next week). They write much, much better songs than those dorks in Wavves, Girls, etc.

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Chipotle | Feb 10th Score:26

I was confused for a bit when I heard the Black Keys and it wasn’t in a commercial.

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  1. Damn it I thought I was close that time.

  2. I think Corky is the new rubberjohnny.

  3. Apparently, Chipotle’s delicious burritos aren’t the only thing that have a fiery kick to them.

  4. hey guys i need a stereogum username. suggestions?

  5. You guys seen this beck thing with 160-musicians covering Bowie yet?

    Cause it’s just as awesome as it sounds…

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  7. Corky Anderson deserves better.

  8. Does anyone else here watch Peep Show? Just finished season 8 and I can’t get enough.

  9. I said a lot of dumb things this week, as usual, and I am embarrassed in retrospect about them come Friday, as usual, and I will apologize for them and keep reminding everyone I’m wading unhappy waters, as usual.

    But on the topic of villainizing characters, how would everyone feel if Iceage were seriously a bunch of Nazis?:

    • I mean, metal bands play with Nazi imagery to look “evil” all the time. Even as a Jew, I really love Slayer’s Reign in Blood and stuff like that. I really think most of this is just taking on that sort of “pose” unless he openly states his beliefs. The whole xenophobic attitude that’s growing in Europe really sucks though. America has some of it too, but I think it’s easier here because there isn’t one original majority culture, just a giant mix.

      • The article struck me as kind of clueless in itself because Iceage is like, basically all image and art, so it’s almost like this dude is the last person to realize that they aren’t meant to be tough. Elias’ VAR project is very visually homosexual, too, so there goes the hateful agenda theory.

      • As a European, I don’t think you can really say that the whole continent has a growing xenophobic attitude. That’s a bit of a generalisation. It is a problem among some groups of people, but there’s 3/4 of a billion people here, across 50 different countries.

        • True, of course not even a majority of people have that attitude, but it’s a vocal enough minority with their own far right nationalist parties, which have been gaining parliament seats. I guess it’s similar to the tea party here except we have this system where it’s impossible to do anything as a third party, so they try to latch on to the republicans.

          • And it really worries me that there’s such a vocal amount of radical nationalist movements growing all over the world at a time when we’re all so much more connected than we used to be.

      • I don’t think that’s the case. I’m Dane and I’ve followed Iceage since their first EP (sorry, I’m not trying to sound like a douche though it may come out like that) and I experienced that it was only until Iceage had it’s US release that it became subject to these accusations.

        The problem is really generalizations and this is difficult to explain without making some myself. I don’t experience any kind of xenophobic tendencies in Europe, but I believe – and this may not be true – that Europeans, or atleast Danes, has less focus upon the subject. That is why Iceage is less aware of what may be interpreted as ‘racism codes’ anywhere else in the world. Iceage’s lyricism is (among other things) about this sort of apocalyptic universe inspired from Nordic mythology, and while in Denmark ‘White Rune’ is something that is associated with some kind of historical heritage, the same exact things may have ‘facism’ written all over it in other more ignorant places of the world (and by “ignorant” I don’t mean to say anything negatively about Americans – they just experience and interpret the same things differently than Europeans… that’s just my point). That is why Iceage got it’s fingers burnt when the record hit American streets.

    • That whole article seems to be stretching a bit to me. Those are very weird sieg heils their fans are supposedly doing.

  10. Andrew Burr was so close to getting one of the best worst comments.

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  12. “Better to burn out, then to fade away”. Well, shine on Corky…whatever/whoever the hell you are.

  13. You just want his downvotes :P

  14. Hey guys, i know im a little late to catch you all this week, but i just wrote an introduction to the antlers, and i’d love if you’d check it out.

    This is one of my favorite bands.

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