The 2013 Experience

The 10 Biggest Music Beefs Of 2013

As time-tested album cycles are discarded and abandoned, so too is an artist’s traditional publicity window. In 2013, the best way to stay in the public eye was not to do interviews, but to bicker, troll, and brawl — on Twitter, on TV, or in person. Yes, beef was what’s for dinner in 2013, and while it would be cynical to assume artists were making multiple trips to the buffet in order to maintain visibility, it would be naive to blindly assume otherwise.

To that end, several of 2013’s Biggest Music Beefs were not isolated incidences, but recurring squabbles, or variations on a theme. Heck, Azealia Banks alone was involved in such an array of beefery that we had to eliminate her from this competition so that her own 10 Dumbest Beefs could be examined up close. Same for Death Grips, who topped our list of 2012’s Biggest Music Beefs. And you want to know the absolute craziest thing? Even if we were to lump both those acts’ respective beefs into single entries on this list, I still don’t think either of them would have been able to wrest the crown from the artist who eventually claimed its top spot.

So pull up a chair and dig in. Beef is on the menu, and the feast begins here.