2016 In Review

The 50 Best Stereogum Comments Of 2016

I started Stereogum 15 years ago tomorrow. What a blessing to still have an excuse for constantly thinking about and reporting on all the great music in this world and Lil Yachty. Back in 2002 there was no Twitter, no Record Store Day, no Tidal exclusives… But can we go back to 2002? No, probably not. So we might as well face our uncertain future together, in these comment sections, trading obscure callbacks to years-old memes whenever Father John Misty complains about something. On behalf of the entire Stereogum family, Bong thank you for reading.


#50  Olivia
Score:58 | Apr 1st

Oh Taylor Swift, you so crazy! ©

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#49  Chris DeVille
Score:58 | Oct 3rd

I can’t believe the first comment on my Hold Steady retrospective is about fucking Beach House

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#48  mr. gruff the atheist goat
Score:58 | Apr 13th

It’s okay Black Keys, if you’re lucky one day someone will regret inducting you into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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#47  LilGravyBoat
Score:59 | Jun 7th

“rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists”

…yes it is, that’s literally the definition of rapist: one who rapes.

This band torpedoed themselves just as they were starting to gain traction. Unbelievable.

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#46  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:59 | Apr 12th

What this guy did is a criminal assault, but God, jumping on stage to take a selfie with the band in the background is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve ever heard of.

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#45  Chris DeVille
Score:59 | Apr 29th

My pre-Premature Evaluation verdict from last night:

Was hoping it would change today, but nah.

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#44  a.j.howard09
Score:59 | Feb 23rd

Word? I didn’t know DGiHAOTTWPoR8TUtaItHMoVMGDPLMitMotLRFTM had a new album coming this week. I know their reputation has taken a hit since their (underrated imho) self-titled sophomore album, but you’d think they’d still warrant a mention in “other albums of note.”

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#43  California
Score:59 | Apr 26th

Sorry, I spelled “torrents” wrong.

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#42  blochead
Score:60 | Feb 23rd

I don’t really have a problem with these dudes as AOTW even tho my personal vote would’ve gone to dear god in heaven anything other that this wretched piece of recycled 80’s tripe up to and including the huge mass of vomit my great dane puppy left me in the middle of the living room floor this morning but I can see the logic in giving it to these guys as well.

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Michael O’Neill
Score:60 | Aug 17th

You’re gonna hand Trump this election

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#39  Stereopun
Score:60 | Jun 22nd

HBO on Vinyl: “Scratch that”

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#38  California
Score:61 | Feb 14th

This is the SimCity 5 of albums.

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#37  blochead
Score:61 | Feb 10th

Nothing says “2016” like calling somebody “Current GOAT” and asking “running out of gas?” in a single three week period.

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#36  inthedeadofknight
Score:62 | Feb 15th

Pretty sure it’s just that this Macklemore song is so bad that it’s fucking up the internet.

Posted in: Macklemore’s “Spoons” Is The Worst Song Ever Recorded

Score:62 | Feb 4th

“I have three pools.”

Posted in: Kanye Gives Album Title Update, Addresses Wiz Khalifa Feud & Drake’s Pool Diss
#34  inthedeadofknight
Score:63 | Feb 9th

Greatest album name of the ever.

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#33  MagicUnicornFairy
Score:63 | Feb 22nd

C’mon guys. The job of an attorney is to provide a defense for their client. Everyone deserves a fair trial, no matter how sure we are that they are guilty.

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#32  Michael Nelson
Score:64 | Aug 12th

Hi guys, thanks for reading!

Just wanted to say a few things here at the top of the comments.

First off, I want to thank you all for the enthusiastic and thoughtful comments on this column week after week since it kicked off six weeks ago. I’m truly humbled by them.

Second, I’m not gonna do a column next week, so the next one might not be till the 26th, or even the first week of September. I’m not sure. I love writing this but it’s not possible to do it at the level I want to do it on a weekly basis, so I gotta pace myself a little bit. I apologize. It’s still a regular feature, just not a weekly one, which was never the intention in the first place. I just find a lot of stuff to write about every week, so I’ve been pushing myself to do a column every week. Maybe it’ll be every other week or something. I dunno. It’ll still be a lot.

Third, this is the second week in a row I went in a little bit on Apple Music, and I just want to clarify that it’s not intentional. This time, it was actually an accident. I started writing about something else, but kept finding myself saying, “But let me back up a step…” and by the time I finally got to where I needed to start, I was here. I don’t have anything against Apple; I have friends who work at Apple. They’re cool people and I never hear them complain about their jobs. Apple makes great products and they employ talented people. It can just be hard talking about the business of music without talking about Apple, because Apple is so involved in so many aspects of the business of music. But I’ve got plenty of problems with Samsung and Spotify and Youtube and the RIAA and the labels and everybody else, too. I also have a ton of respect for the people at those organizations, too.

I guess that’s it. Thanks again for reading. You guys are the best.

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#31  marko
Score:64 | Mar 7th

We’ve probably reached peak TIDAL.

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#30  inthedeadofknight
Score:65 | Feb 11th

An exclusive photo of some of the models getting ready back stage:

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Dan Davis
Score:65 | Feb 8th

It’s like white America has just discovered Beyonce is black, and they’re really not happy about it.

Posted in: Rudy Giuliani Thought Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance Was An “Attack” On Police
#28  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:66 | Aug 2nd

IKEA generally likes its furniture to ship ready to assemble, without additional parts dribbling out over the course of three months after purchase.

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#27  Not – Jobes
Score:66 | Aug 16th

I want to break an olympic record swimming away from this song

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#26  Albinosaur
Score:66 | Jun 29th

Just to chronicle this meteor plummeting down to earth:
“Future: Best Rapper Alive?” -Stereogum/Tom January 20, 2016
“Is Future Running Out of Gas?” – Stereogum/Tom February 10, 2016
“The Future Era Is Over” – Stereogum/Tom June 29, 2016

“Best Rapper Alive” to “Era Over” in just over 6 months.

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#25  meat
Score:66 | Nov 18th

we already knew he had a thing for assholes

Posted in: Kanye West: “If I Would’ve Voted, I Would’ve Voted On Trump”
#24  JRD
Score:66 | Feb 23rd

Calling out the comment section!

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#23  blochead
Score:66 | Jan 29th

The ass, not unlike the heart, knows what it wants Ye. No need for shame.

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#21  mr. gruff the atheist goat
Score:67 | Apr 26th

Pitchfork gave Lemonade an 8.5! (aka a woman’s 9.5)

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#20  meat
Score:67 | Feb 19th

i made that bitch famous.

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#19  Max the King of All Wild Things
Score:67 | Oct 5th

This is definitely a woman who has said “ALL LIVES MATTERS” on many and multiple occasions.

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#18  rubberjohnny0829
Score:68 | May 9th

pretty good band

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#17  poopslap
Score:68 | Feb 24th

Only if you stop trying to make The 1975 happen.

Posted in: Stop Trying To Make French Montana Happen

Cody Morris
Score:68 | Mar 11th

I’m sorry but this headline is fucked. Just because Marina is not part of the fucking hype train does not mean she is a “poor mans version” of anything. And this is comin from a fan of both of them.

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#15  mickrandom26
Score:69 | Feb 9th

The Loss of Patience

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#14  Mark Kozelek novelty account
Score:69 | Jun 12th

The War on Drugs can suck my fucking dick

Posted in: Kacey Musgraves Draws Criticism For Pro-Gun Tweets Following Orlando Nightclub Massacre
#13  blochead
Score:69 | Dec 13th

Remember that that time Elvis Presley went to the White House and met with President Nixon about the national drug problem? Remember that time I said “Kanye has entered his Fat Elvis phase”. Remember me getting -24 for that?

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#12  dansolo
Score:69 | Oct 17th

Was she not entertained?

Posted in: Russell Crowe Throws Azealia Banks Out Of His Hotel Party In Bizarre Incident

David Worthington
Score:70 | Mar 1st

Try it

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#10  scruffy
Score:72 | Feb 16th

I miss the “available to buy” Kanye.

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#9  cobra
Score:76 | Mar 1st

Do it

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#8  blakep
Score:76 | Apr 5th

How screwed up do you have to be for Palin to come out as the rational adult in a feud?

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#7  meat
Score:77 | Feb 15th

Doris Montgomery

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#6  TobiasFunkeMD
Score:79 | Feb 23rd

Surely everyone here in the comments will be happy about this choice and in complete agreement.

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Score:83 | May 3rd

Don’t talk to me or my In Rainbows ever again

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#4  kenthewolfboy
Score:85 | Feb 5th

Tom’s sitting at his desk thinking of wild hyperboles for his premature evaluation like

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#3  sandro
Score:94 | Jun 15th

I don’t know. Because David Bowie didn’t do a karaoke version of tame Impala on his album?

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Justin Hill
Score:104 | Oct 5th


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#1  cheap_suit_jr_jr
Score:125 | Oct 25th

JT has co-opted many aspects of Black culture over the years, but getting persecuted under some bullshit post-Voting Rights Act law is pretty much the clincher.

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