Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Merry Black Friday. Thirty-one more shopping days until Christmas. Here at we’ve actually never offered a gift guide for music fans … until now. You might wanna hop on these festive deals while you can.

These socks are perfect for the Mitski fan in your life, or anyone who likes apples, and would compliment a Santa Claus costume. Only $16 while supplies last.

A Deeper Understanding was one of the best albums of 2017, and the recipient of this gift will be able to broadcast that on their feet. It comes in navy blue and costs $15.

Radiohead socks are the perfect stocking stuffer, or maybe they are the perfect stocking. They are 2% Elastane and go for only $10. $1 of every purchase goes to fighting climate change, probably. They’re all sold out. I think this gift guide is going well.

Jeff Rosenstock’s POST- was the first great album of this year and I guess also the first album of this year since it came out on New Year’s Day. Rosenstock’s RosenSOCKS boast a 5-color design and “regular thickness.” There are drawings of socks on the socks. $10.

If you see underwear, you are part of the illusion.


#10 dansolo
Score:33 | Nov 16th
You should ask them which Beach House album makes the best soundtrack for a post-show dong-measuring session.
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#9 eastside tilly
Score:34 | Nov 16th
Get back to me when they have a remix where the entire lyrics are “All the Beaches in the motherfucking House” repeated ad infinitum.
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Score:35 | Nov 20th
I think his brain development was arrested as well.
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#7 blochead
Score:36 | Nov 20th
“Don’t worry my little babies. Tekashi and I are still cutting a new track this week!!!!”
– Nicki (prolly)
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#6 Jeff Buc-lee
Score:37 | Nov 21st
Was “Steal My Sunshine” not on the White Album?
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#5 FacePeppler
Score:37 | Nov 19th
Ah, cool. I’ve been listening to these dudes ever since you named them a ‘Band to Watch’ a couple of years back
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#4 James Rettig
Score:40 | Nov 16th
Don’t ruin this for us
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#3 Mugen
Score:49 | Nov 16th
Shrewd marketing attempt by the Chainsmokers to appeal to Stereogum directly.
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#1 YBB
Score:113 | Nov 20th

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#5 musicfan
Score:-20 | Nov 16th
I stand by newrule#15.11.2018_TGSOAT.

I would rather listen to an original recording than a cover version or a song written by a team of songwriters.

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#4 musicfan
Score:-24 | Nov 19th
I can’t name a single track or album by Taylor Swift. I’m quite proud of that fact!
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#3 bootyfish
Score:-26 | Nov 21st
This dummy doesn’t even know how old he is??
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#2 GaryBusey
Score:-28 | Nov 20th
Nah. She’s ugly. If she’s going to flaunt her disgusting cream cheese rolls for the whole world in lieu of body positivity, I have every right to call her out on her shit.
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#1 pedrodickey
Score:-31 | Nov 20th
“Some rap songs”? Aren’t songs sung? I ant that what defines them as songs? When they’re sung? Let us call them “raps” and not “songs”, yea? Does this not make sense? Thanks for your feedback.
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Score:6 | Nov 19th
It’s winter, 1968/69 in Northern Minnesota. You bundle up, walk to school in darkness, and come home in the last bit of daylight. If it’s not too bad out, you might take a sled and run to the town hill for a few runs before dinner. If it’s cold, there is always the afternoon matinee movie.

More often than not, I’d turn on the radio and play with Hot Wheels. WEBC channel 56 out of Duluth, was my constant companion. My AM transistor radio that I bought with lawn-mowing money was tuned to the one station that played the variety I liked. AM radio always sounded better in the winter. There was less static, and AM radio waves could travel farther. Music sounded as crisp as the cold night air.

No song sounded better to me that winter, than Everyday People. WEBC played a variety, but the variety was relatively white washed. Yes, The Supremes were played, and the bigger Motown hits, but black records weren’t that common on the airwaves unless they were top 10 mega-hits. Everyday People sounded massive on my tiny radio. Now I wonder if it was engineered to make the most of the limited AM sound. It’s one of the first songs that made me stop and take notice. I am convinced that WEBC was early on playing it, because I can remember listening to it, while the Christmas tree lights illuminated the darkness.

I can also remember how it fit into my world view at the time. I remember my grandmother’s racist comments about civil rights, as much as I remember my parents telling me how wrong she was. I remember the previous spring and summer when friends told me that their parents were “happy” about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. My hometown was as white as the snow that blankets Northern Minnesota, and the racism was just as deep. I remember a classmate talking about the screeching of Aretha Franklin. It shouldn’t have surprised me later when he shared racists memes on Facebook.

So, for that moment when Sly exhorted “We got to live together,” over a strong track, Everyday People was, is and always will be a 10/10 in my book.

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