Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we talked with Mike Campbell, SUSS, and Stephen Malkmus; reviewed new albums from Megan Thee Stallion, Hypoluxo, and Aesop Rock; reviewed old albums from Kanye West, Robyn, Erykah Badu, and the New Pornographers; and chose the 10 best songs by Chris Stapleton, Mitski, and Grandaddy. Also Lil Yachty remade the Saved By The Bell theme song. Something for everyone.


#10  jzga
Score:36 | Nov 16th

don’t think this was the epic own you imagined in your head, sport

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#9  Legeis Siegel
Score:37 | Nov 18th


I think this important stuff.

Did anyone realize, up to this point, in the whole history of the Billboard 100, there have been JUST 3 #1 songs with a female producer credited? Here they are
* The first was “Midnight Train to Georgia” in 1973, co-produced by Gladys Knight (who coincidentally is on today’s #1)
* 1974’s “Feel Like Making Love” was solely produced by the song’s singer, Roberta Flack, but for some reason she listed her name on the credits as “Rubina Flake”!
* Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)” was co-produced by Barbra Streisand in 1976.
That’s it!
But that all changes in 1986. 
Starting TODAY, they will become a little more regular. 
However, if you asked me who was the first female credited as a producer on a #1 in a decade, the last person I’d guess would be Carole Bayer Sager.  Maybe Madonna, right?
And no guessing who will be the first woman to get a 2nd production credit. It shocked me. All of these in the near future will be co-producers.
Spoiler: We won’t see the first solo-credited female producer, with her own name, for a little while. 
And please, NO PEEKING ahead!
I will try to keep track of the list of the Female Producers.  Or should I say Produce-hers.  :)

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#8  shawarman86
Score:41 | Nov 18th

this has made me more upset than anything else i’ve seen, read or heard in 2020

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#7  frob bongzales the lound architect
Score:41 | Nov 13th

haha isn’t it too early to start year-end lists stereogum, it’s only april 193rd and we still have a whole summer coming up

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#6  superdonkeypiss
Score:41 | Nov 13th

I used to enjoy ‘Iris’ in all of its ’90s schmaltz glory, until someone performed a very sex-forward one-on-one interpretative dance to it for me (or rather at me) at a gathering where I couldn’t leave. Now I can’t listen to it without wanting to squirm out of my skin, which sucks because this is really good.

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#5  dadadaism
Score:44 | Nov 14th

See!! If we counted the votes for trump that weren’t cast he would’ve won in a landslide!!! Cheating liberals defrauding the voting process again 😫😤

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#4  storkknees
Score:48 | Nov 17th

So Dolly’s vaccine is literally working 95. What a way to help people living

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#3  cbishop
Score:49 | Nov 18th

Your Best American Girl at 8?! Are you trying to start a fight with me?

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#1  mt58
Score:63 | Nov 13th

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It was a technologically challenging week, but well worth the time spent diligently refreshing our browsers. 502 bad gateways? Please. We don’t scare that easily. Megakudos to Team Stereogum for their very hard work, resulting in a great-looking relaunch for all of us to enjoy. Atta independently-owned music site. Onward, and… skyward.
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Thanks to Tom and Scott for allowing me to post my nonsense. And thanks to all of you, too, for putting up with it. I hope that I might provide a random laugh, and, if only for a second, a tiny respite from the confoundedness of this all-too-real world.
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Please be so careful this weekend. Take good care of yourselves and each other…
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…and good on you all.
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#5  ZudaWilliams
Score:-15 | Nov 15th

And how are you gonna do that? Do you sign Lil Pump’s paycheck? Are you the record exec that signed his record deal? Do you fund Lil Pump? Do you, in fact, do anything besides sit in your bedroom, on a computer, and complain?
What’s that? You don’t sign Lil Pump’s paycheck? You’re not an MTV exec? You’re just some loser with too much free time, some shitty opinions and a cell phone? You won’t be cancelling anyone. Shut the fuck up, loser. Lil Pump

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#4  ZudaWilliams
Score:-16 | Nov 15th

And just like Donald Trump, he’s doing way better than you are

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#3  ZudaWilliams
Score:-17 | Nov 15th

Unlike you, Lil Pump actually has the balls to voice his opinions IRL. Pussy

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#2  roland1824
Score:-30 | Nov 16th

How did you react when you were dropped by your record label? Oh wait…

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#1  roland1824
Score:-30 | Nov 16th

I love when these Moz bash posts pop up because it shakes the bush for his irrational haters to reveal their ugly selves. Imagine actually wishing death to someone over some stupid media quotes. (Can you even recite a particular quote that upset you so much without looking it up?)

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Score:25 | Nov 16th

Loved Molly’s review! Ian Cohen is shaking…

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