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We’re still a few days away from the official release of Ultraviolence, but if you’ve already heard it, you’re probably surprised at how good it is. As Tom wrote, “Ultraviolence is a gorgeous, shattering piece of work, and it’s just as euphorically fake as Born To Die was. It’s just that LDR fakes it realer now.” But if narco-swing torch songs aren’t your thing, this week gave you plenty of other returning artists to get excited about: Spoon, the Bug, Death From Above 1979, FKA twigs, Death Grips, Jeff Tweedy, Grimes, Nicki Minaj, Weezer, Sólstafir, alt-J, the New Pornos, Blonde Redhead… Something for everyone! Also: Psy! Or you can spend your Morrissey refund on the Rush catalog. The point is, your best and worst comments are below.


#10 raptor jesus | Jun 12th Score:20

Louna Del Rey was almost a thing.


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Chad Newman | Jun 6th Score:20

Yes, this album is great, and STP are underrated…but “better than Pearl Jam”?

No. No. No.

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#8 ifeelpretty | Jun 7th Score:21

appropriate culturation

Posted in: Watch Grimes Debut “Go,” Her Song For Rihanna, At Governors Ball
#7 LeMonjello | Jun 12th Score:22

Well, here’s to hoping her a better outlook on life. I think we often forget that fame and fortune have little to do with happiness and life satisfaction.

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Stephen Fish | Jun 10th Score:23

Real talk: how many times does he get to do this before someone calls bullshit on him?

Posted in: Still Ill: Morrissey Cancels Tour, Blames Opening Act

Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jun 9th Score:28

Beyonce did a Death Grips, really. Government Plates dropped out of nowhere as well, and had music videos for every track.

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#4 BarnLife | Jun 12th Score:30

also did anyone else think this was the name of a new song?

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Kyle Steury | Jun 8th Score:31

I think Rivers made that face because he’s never really heard anyone cheer during Beverly Hills before…

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#1 KingMe | Jun 10th Score:37

I wonder if anyone has suggested he have some chicken soup.

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Arnaud Dodier | Jun 8th Score:-6

It seems to be a better version!

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#4 unregistered33 | Jun 7th Score:-8

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honor!

I guess the lesson here is bastardize other people’s music all you want but stay the hell away from other people’s stereogum comments!

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#3 miss_merboy | Jun 10th Score:-8

B L A C K I E released his first album in 2005. see fuckers in this place that bit his style.

Posted in: Album Of The Week: clipping. CLPPNG
#2 lil wayne disciple | Jun 12th Score:-12

Don’t worry, Lana. Many of your biggest detractors feel similarly.

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Phil Herring | Jun 9th Score:-12

Interpol, Jack White, TV On The Radio not on the list yet fucking Grimes is? Whack.

Also I know it’s not popular Stereogum opinion because these bands are basically just, well, pop bands but I though The 1975, Bastille and Foster The People were thoroughly enjoyable. AlunaGeorge also played a great set on Sunday that picked things up. I did not realize The Kills were that big (they had a huge crowd) though I think that probably had more to do with their competition at the time not being that big either. Vampire Weekend closing was a dependable (though predictable) set and enjoyable. The Strokes…totally phoned in. Exact same set they played in Port Chester.

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dansolo | Jun 12th Score:16

I wouldn’t worry about him too much. A grown man doesn’t end up on national television in his best Beetlejuice suit, former child star’s ass planted firmly in crotch, while still retaining the capacity to feel shame.

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  1. For real though, B L A C K I E is pretty god damn rad. So is Clipping. Let’s all just have a giant group hug/violent orgy about the great quality of experimental rap.

  2. This week I’ve had a lot of trouble not clicking on the ’9 people you won’t believe exist’ link. I’m being worn down

  3. I’m just going to randomly post this here because I know there are a bunch of Jai Paul fans on the Gum and this is some very exciting news -

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