Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we learned Ariana Grande is a cloud fan, Marilyn Manson went to the dentist, Johnny Rotten is still an ass, Imagine Dragons are getting back to the garden, congressmen disagree about Nickelback, and Young Dolph had a bad experience at Cracker Barrel. We also heard ton of new tunes, from folks like Vampire Weekend, Fennesz, Stef Chura, Earth, Denzel Curry, Kindness & Robyn, M83, cupcakKe, the Black Keys, Inter Arma, Charly Bliss, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, the National, Mac DeMarco, Clinic, and Chvrchmello. It’s Friiiiiday so time to rank your best and worst comments of the week. See you in Austin?


#10  LameImpala
Score:43 | Mar 7th

Anyone else have the sudden urge to complete a home-improvement project?

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lo/Hi”
#9  potato_
Score:43 | Mar 7th

It’s not a return to their glory days but I’d much rather hear this on modern rock radio than Imagine fucking Dragons

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lo/Hi”
#8  brokeaccount
Score:45 | Mar 7th

Me, tomorrow:

Posted in: Man Man Are Touring With Rebecca Black
#7  inthedeadofknight
Score:47 | Mar 7th

That’s the “Call Me Maybe” girl, right?

Posted in: Man Man Are Touring With Rebecca Black
#6  drmario
Score:49 | Mar 5th

2018: mitski is a cowboy
2019: mac demarco is a cowboy
2020: young thug is a cowboy
2021: maroon 5, imagine dragons, and fall out boy are all cowboys, aesthetic jumps the shark
2022-2030: dark years
2031: vampire weekend are cowboys

Posted in: Mac DeMarco – “Nobody” Video
#4  creepatron
Score:62 | Mar 6th

i think i used a similar scheme on a powerpoint presentation i did about global warming in 2004 when i was in 8th grade

Posted in: Vampire Weekend – “Sunflower” (Feat. Steve Lacy) & “Big Blue”
#2  padfoot24
Score:66 | Mar 1st

Even worse than the embarrassment of failing to post a youtube link is the sting of shame felt from revealing to the world that I used bing to find it.

Posted in: Siri How Do I Delete Someone Else’s YouTube
#1  inthedeadofknight
Score:72 | Mar 7th

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lo/Hi”


#5  Skunt
Score:-19 | Mar 1st

-3 Wow you people are assholes.

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#4  Skunt
Score:-20 | Mar 1st

I’ve got no sympathy for a fucking sinus infection. As a teenager I had an acetylene bomb go off 7 feet from my face and the ringing in my ears took 6 years to go way

Same type but picture me in the blast radius. Think about that when you’re taking a hit off the neti pot.

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#3  LosingMyEdge
Score:-22 | Mar 4th

I’m surprised how many people are performatively trying so hard to say this is good, or interesting. Then again, listless, feckless R&B isnt really my thing, so…. *shrug emoji*

Posted in: Premature Evaluation: Solange When I Get Home
#2  Kardashian Life Code
Score:-23 | Mar 5th

I don’t really care what happens to him at this point. This is the man who gave us “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Come As You Are”, and “Heart Shaped Box”. No one and no amount of shade thrown at this brilliant Irishman can erase that.

Posted in: R. Kelly Gives First Interview Since Arrest
#1  blochead
Score:-23 | Mar 6th

This album broke my heart. To hear the savage entity that had made those EP’s and “Fever To Tell” tamed like this was almost too much to bear. I still listen to “Fever To Tell” regularly. This album is a footnote. I’m always stunned by how many people prefer this one to the first one. To each his own..blah blah blah

Posted in: It’s Blitz! Turns 10


Score:4 | Mar 6th

I’m Joe Howse-ing this album and choosing not to listen to any songs before the full record comes out and this wait is killing me!

Posted in: Charly Bliss – “Chatroom” Video

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