Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

We’ve begun rolling out our year-end content, listing the year’s best albums and EPs, and more importantly, tweets and Radiohead covers. And there’s much more coming next week. Reminder: vote in the 16th (!) annual Gummy Awards if you want justice for Tame Impala.


#10  raptor jesus
Score:30 | Dec 1st

For those that don’t know what is happening, we do not like it when people cut in line by replying to the top comment.

Especially since carson talked mad shit on me back in 2013 for loving The Rapture’s Echoes.

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#9  thiscity
Score:30 | Nov 30th

and in stronger terms, too

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#8  Naqiy
Score:31 | Dec 1st

The Gum remains corrupt. You owe the Weeknd, his stans, and the industry transparency.

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#7  raptor jesus
Score:33 | Dec 1st

The year that could have been…

After spending 2019 reflecting on an entire decade of music, I was more than happy to switch gears in 2020 and digest as much new music as possible. I stopped that pretty hard in March and simply reached for comfort music the rest of the year. As much as I’d like to have included newer artists and highlight newer albums here at the end of 2020, my list is fairly thick with new music from old favorites.

raptor jesus’ top 20 albums of 2020:

01. Yves Tumor — Heaven to a Tortured Mind
02. Pure X — Pure X
03. SALEM — Fires in Heaven
04. Dua Lipa — Future Nostalgia
05. Tame Impala — The Slow Rush
06. Cut Copy — Freeze, Melt
07. Run The Jewels — RTJ4
08. 070 Shake — Modus Vivendi
09. Yung Lean — Starz
10. A.A.L. — 2017 – 2019

11. The Avalanches — We Will Always Love You
12. Dogleg — Melee
13. Fiona Apple — Fetch The Bolt Cutters
14. Jay Electronica — A Written Testimony
15. Sufjan Stevens — The Ascension
16. Caribou — Suddenly
17. Destroyer — Have We Met
18. Four Tet — Sixteen Oceans
19. Grimes — Miss Anthropocene
20. Various Artists — After Dark 3

My favorite 2020 memory was driving on a farm road in Texas listening to Pure X this summer. Perfect blue skies. Vivid green grass from all the rain that preceded July. Driving on a recently paved black road so fresh it didn’t even have yellow lines. I passed more cows than cars on my way to visit an old friend. All the while, the Texas natives Pure X soundtracked a scenery that was likely similar to what inspired the music (just look at that blue album cover). I had already listened to the new Pure X dozens of times, so the marriage of the visuals and audio really helped pull me out of the reality that I had previously been stuck in my home for months. It felt like freedom that afternoon.

But Yves Tumor is an ascendent rockstar that made a perfect album and we need to herald them as such.

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#6  Scott Lapatine
Score:34 | Nov 27th

I love this song, much more than “Rock Me Amadeus.”

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#5  WilliamSockner
Score:36 | Nov 30th

I’m not offended by the word, but I’m offended that people have no problems bleeping out words like “shit” and “asshole” but the instant you bleep a slur against a marginalized group it’s robbing art of its outlaw values.

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#4  thiscity
Score:37 | Nov 30th

whoever is running the pogues’ social media doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with it…

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#3  thegue
Score:39 | Nov 30th

Top Youtube official video comments:

1. Imagine Mozart being brought back to life and this is the first thing he’s shown.

2. Only kids from the 1700s will remember.

3. Eminem: I’m the best white rapper ever.
Falco: hold my Apfelstrudel

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#2  BigFatDynamo
Score:49 | Nov 27th

You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!

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#1  spiritualize
Score:52 | Dec 1st

The Strokes make Is This It
Everyone : Wow !
The Strokes make Room on Fire
Everyone : But it sounds too much like Is This It
The Strokes make bonkers First Impressions of Earth
Everyone : But it isn’t enough like Is This It
The Strokes take a break
Everyone : But come back tho
The Strokes make an amazing comeback record
Everyone : But its not as good as Is This It
The Strokes make a fantastic 80’s inspired pop record
Everyone : But its not as good as Is This It
The Strokes make a cool and weird EP kind of inspired by Julian’s side band the Voidz
Everyone : But its not enough music
The Strokes take a break
Everyone : But come back
The Strokes release their best record in 15 years and it is staggeringly good on every conceivable level
Everyone : U guys are kind of old now

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#5  nineclubjuke
Score:-10 | Nov 30th

they’re following the Obamacare/Trumpcovid rollout formula:

Scheme plan, Promote plan, Execute plan, Realize you never actually did the work to put the plan in place, Go back and find a new plan

Scott reminds me of the Silicon Valley exec at this point. epic failure and misjudgment. Servin up a fucking zoom video of Carly ray Jepson video to us for bailing his fat ass out again .. kinda like that phone release .. wish I could just go to a market research meeting for this redesign and throw tomatoes at everyone.

although, I kinda wish I did a crowdsourced mixtape full of lukewarm covers of shitty songs earlier this year, then maybe could’ve moved somewhere during the pandemic where a homeless dude doesn’t squat under my room for who knows how long. eh, the timeline that got away

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#4  homesickalien
Score:-12 | Nov 27th

See this is problem nowadays with Stereogum…theres very little respect for those that blazed the trail going on here. Its insane to think a website that promotes music (in all forms) would allow this certain community to shit on someone like Clapton. I mean, this is a guy who championed the bridge between blues and rock, he defined what Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Albert King and so many built to create and allow you the freedom to have to the shitty music you listen today. I’m all for the child in you that wants to debate your argument, but you have zero cred in doing so and you bring no facts just hate. You’d rather sit at home probably angry at life and the fact you’ve wasted it, but you’re just a fool, and someone who probably shouldn’t be wasting your time on a website whose only design is to celebrate music and all those who built it. So go back to your hole of a room, stoke your dick wishing you had that girl you lost and forget about doing what this site is built to do, celebrating and debating music with facts, not just lobbing in veiled BS with zero credibility.

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#3  SilicaDoNotEat
Score:-13 | Nov 28th

Christ on a crutch…that video is so much a NIN ripoff but with vocals buried so hard…that’s my most polite way of saying don’t let the haters tell you what’s up. If people slap you on the back and tell you it’s awesome, they are lying.

Scott can totes weigh in here

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#2  SilicaDoNotEat
Score:-17 | Nov 28th

Hate on me for laughing at the .22 injury but I’ve had 3 joints scoped by age 18 and I know pain. I’d let fucking Grimes shoot me in the calf With a .22 if it would let me promote my far superior music to Meeeegaaaans. Y’all hook line and sinker Stans can smirk now but the next album is gonna be as successful as Nicki Minaj’s brother. Write it down and underline it twice.

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#1  Naqiy
Score:-29 | Nov 27th

Massively Overrated album that was only innovative for the time period. Basically a high brow Girl Talk but not nearly as good. I tried listening to cuz it was 5th best album of the 2000s by P4K but never quite got the appeal of acclaim. Maybe you gotta be over 40 to appreciate it idk

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Score:4 | Dec 2nd

What a coincidence I also got cozy with Satan in 2020

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