Merry Christmas errybody. Got a copy of Major Labels by Kelefa Sanneh for Secret Santa and it's one of my new fav books of the year.
Not to be outdone, Devi McCallion has announced a Black Dresses sitcom, which is a half hour of her posting on blog comment sections about how LCD Soundsystem and their fans deserve to die.
We're gonna have a junkie Batman who'll blow his brains out, paving the way for Robin, the Foo Fighters of heroes to not shut up about saving Gotham.
I decided to listen to The National's discog while fighting off the Flooster combo I got yesterday and if the appeal is "Music for when you feel like absolute dogshit in cold weather", I now understand it 100%.
I saw the number of comments and assumed it was a big deal glow up, not an okay synthpop song and a butthurt Rogan supporter spamming the comments.
Bruiser Wolf and Zelooperz made some of the most replayable albums this year.
I'm feeling injured by the lack of Injury Reserve love on these lists.
CMIYGL is a better pick for hip hop album of the year than Hall of Fame was.
If she dropped a banger on the level of the Macarena, I wouldn't mind the fawning coverage so much.
Album: Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix Song: The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore
Just remember, a (Beach) Howse doesn't mean you can't listen to pre-release singles.
I was listening to a lot of Michael Hurley back in February, so this is just great news. Feel like it'd pair really well with the Bonnie Prince Billy/Bill Callahan album.
I'm here for the Dazy love. Delicious little power pop nuggets.
Big ups for Pom Poko, surprisingly solid stuff.
It's not the worst album this year, but it's definitely one of the worst mixed albums this year, just unbelievably tinny and overcompressed.
"Cody" was one of the feelsiest songs I've heard this year.
Also Snail Mail, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
My Top 25 in rough order: 1.) Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix 2.) Turnstile - Glow On 3.) Lingua Ignota - SINNER GET READY 4.) The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore 5.) Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview On Phenomenal Nature 6.) Black Midi - Cavalcade 7.) Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert 8.) Darkside - Spiral 9.) Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, London Philharmonic - Promises 10.) Low - HEY WHAT 11.) The Armed - Ultrapop 12.) Jaubi - Nafs at Peace 13.) Squid - Bright Green Field 14.) Armand Hammer & The Alchemist - Haram 15.) Mach-Hommy - Pray For Haiti 16.) Fucked Up - Year of the Horse 17.) Fiddlehead - Between the Richness 18.) SPELLLING - The Turning Wheel 19.) Sweet Trip - A Tiny House, in Secret Speeches, Polar Equals 20.) Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons 21.) Illuminati Hotties - Let Me Do One More 22.) Faye Webster - I Know I'm Funny haha 23.) Bruiser Wolf - Dope Game Stupid 24.) Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth 25.) Lump - Animal
I really liked iii, but ii and iiii were just really in one ear and out the other for me.
"Occasionally the collection of songs can feel like one huge data dump, but who am I to complain about too muchmusic from an artist so consistently interesting as Arca?" I like Arca but that still kinda seems like a red flag to me tbh.
I was stuck on my campus's shuttle in the snow with a bunch of strangers, booze and snacks and it's still one of the funnest nights of my life.
Sondheim was one of the few musical theater people I actually liked, RIP to the GOAT:
Dealing with a stomach bug during Thanksgiving? Garbage. Dealing with new manager nonsense when you're not 100%? Garbage. Garbology? Not garbage.
I think it's fucking stock, what part of that is unclear to you?
It also doesn't take J more than 14 years to make a Dino Jr. album.
Even the biggest perfectionists in the world need to learn when to just let their work go. Fucking sad situation all around, but Kevin doing what he's doing is 100% understandable.
I can't believe the Grammys would have lackluster picks for awards.
I'm probably gonna take a deeper dive into Andy Shauf. I heard Wilds about a month ago and I loved it right from the jump.
With the new Richard Dawson, it's gonna be weird-ass folk hours for me this week.
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