Elsa – “Never Come Down” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Tom Breihan / March 3, 2015
The Toronto band Elsa, who have nothing to do with the movie Frozen other than I guess being from someplace cold, play grand and woozy dream-pop. On "Never Come Down," the title track from their new EP, they bend guitar sounds and harmonies like Kevin Shields, but there's a melodic pop-music lightness to all those… More »

Bleachers – “Rollercoaster (How To Dress Well Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Chris DeVille / March 3, 2015
Bleachers' "Rollercoaster" is #4 at alternative radio. It soundtracks two separate ad campaigns starring frontman Jack Antonoff. It was the basis for a conversation between Antonoff and Bill Nye about the science of "rollercoastering." And now the ace '80s synthpop throwback has inspired a remix by How To Dress Well's Tom… More »

Speedy Ortiz – “The Graduates”

By Tom Breihan / March 3, 2015
The needle-sharp Massachusetts DIY kinda-punks Speedy Ortiz have a new album called Foil Deer coming out next month, and there's a decent chance that first single "Raising The Skate" was the catchiest, most immediate thing that band has ever done. That song was no fluke. "The Graduates," the second of the album's song… More »

The Slow Revolt – “Farther” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Caitlin White / March 3, 2015
Joe Mirza's heady, flickering production as the Slow Revolt has been steadily gaining in his native London. The producer's latest track "Farther" pushes the boundaries of a relationship, asking for more with slowly building desperation. The track's pleading reaches a pinnacle of synths, beats and bass as Mirza's velvet voice begs the question "Could you… More »

Toro Y Moi – “Buffalo”

By Chris DeVille / March 3, 2015
"Empty Nesters," the lead single from Toro Y Moi's What For?, had a power-pop feel about it that reminded some listeners of Big Star. "Buffalo," Chaz Bundick's latest, is a retro radio jam of a different vintage. It's a moody bit of funky guitar-pop that reminds me of Steve Miller Band or something. Bundick… More »

Stream Lieutenant If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For A Week

By Collin Robinson / March 3, 2015
The cinematic LA indie-rock band Lieutenant is headed up by Nate Mendel, bassist for Foo Fighters and Sunny Day Real Estate, and If I Kill This Thing We're All Going To Eat For A Week is the project's debut album. So far we've heard the emotionally driven singles "Believe The Squalor" and "Rattled."… More »

Rachel Grimes – “The Herald” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Aaron Lindenberg / March 3, 2015
The web of post-rock is tangled with unique groups like Rachel's, the Louisville chamber trio that fused neoclassical textures with rock instrumentation. Their music is cinematic and enveloping, encouraging us to forget the distinctions of genre and just bliss out to its undeniable emotive sway. Well, fans of Rachel’s rejoice: Pianist, composer, and founding… More »

Eternal Summers – “Together Or Alone” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Collin Robinson / March 3, 2015
Virginia indie-pop duo turned trio Eternal Summers are back less than a year after offering last spring's The Drop Beneath. Today they announce their fourth album, Gold And Stone. Continuing to combine crystalline pop sensibilities with '90s alt-rock influences, the band displays its distinctive musicality on lead single "Together Or Alone." Mildly distorted guitars, quick… More »

TV On The Radio – “Test Pilot (Chilly Gonzales Re-Make)”

By Caitlin White / March 3, 2015
Last year TV On The Radio released their fifth studio album Seeds, and one of the early tracks they debuted off that record was "Test Pilot." In anticipation of his own forthcoming record Chambers, Chilly Gonzales has re-imagined "Test Pilot" as a piano-driven ballad. Gonzales' instrumental version maintains the same sense of… More »

Cashmere Cat – “Adore” (Feat. Ariana Grande)

By Tom Breihan / March 3, 2015
The Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat started out as a Soundcloud-remix type, but in the past year or so, he's gone on to work with people like Charli XCX, Tinashe, and Ryn Weaver. Most recently, he worked on Kanye West's single "Wolves." Before that, though, his biggest look might've come when he produced Ariana Grande'… More »

Modest Mouse – “Of Course We Know”

By Tom Breihan / March 3, 2015
"Of Course We Know," the latest single we've heard from Modest Mouse's forthcoming album Strangers To Ourselves, is the band at its most epic. It's a slow-burning psychedelic track with more than a bit of Ennio Morricone in it, and it might be the best of the album tracks we've yet heard. Strangers To OurselvesMore »

My Morning Jacket Announce New Album The Waterfall

By James Rettig / March 3, 2015
My Morning Jacket have announced the details of The Waterfall, their seventh full-length and the follow-up to 2011's Circuital. The album was recorded at a house on Stinson Beach in Northern California that overlooked the ocean. "For me, every record has the spirit of where we made it," Jim James explains in a press release. More »

Niia – “Seasons (Waiting On You)” (Future Islands Cover)

By James Rettig / March 2, 2015
Niia's definitely one to keep an ear out for -- her Generation Blue debut EP last year was filled with great tracks, in particular the minimal, hyper-emotional title track. One of her major appeals is her voice, which is buttery smooth and restrained and can make just about anything sound good. Over the weekend,… More »

Doldrums – “Loops”

By James Rettig / March 2, 2015
"Loops" is the third single from Doldrums' upcoming new album, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, the Canadian producer's first foray into big-indie label life at Sub Pop. Like "Hotfoot" and "My Friend Simjen" before it, "Loops" is constructed around a pulsating, subdued backbone. It's more about the slide than the bounce, and Airick Woodhead take… More »

Tink – “Ratchet Commandments”

By Caitlin White / March 2, 2015
It's been so fun to watch Tink emerge. Ever since her Timbaland co-sign, plenty of people have been hailing her as the next Aaliyah or the next Lauryn Hill, but watching her rap at the beginning of her first-ever interview, I was always more struck by the way she didn't feel the need to… More »

Action Bronson – “Baby Blue” (Feat. Chance The Rapper) (Prod. Mark Ronson)

By Chris DeVille / March 2, 2015
Action Bronson's latest Mr. Wonderful single "Baby Blue" reunites him with Chance The Rapper, who contributes one of his signature raspy, sing-song hooks (co-written by Zane Lowe!) and raps the final verse. Bronsolino delivers plenty of quotables as usual, and Mark Ronson's beat is a bright and radio-friendly callback to his work with Amy Winehouse… More »

Pupppy – “Beans” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / March 2, 2015
Purchase, NY has bred an intimidating young scene over the past five years, one not easily rivaled by any of the Empire State's other musical epicenters. Mitski, LVL Up, Porches, and Crying are just a few notable names who hail from the college town, and now, Pupppy can be added to that list. Pupppy originated… More »

Holly Miranda – “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl”

By Caitlin White / March 2, 2015
Usher in the era of women who aren't afraid to ask to be fucked. "We could fuck in the sun and dance till dawn," Holly Miranda sings in a matter-of-fact, filtered vocal on "All I Want Is To Be Your Girl," stripped of all the qualms and metaphors that usually render most pop song propositio… More »

Faith Healer – “Canonized”

By Aaron Lindenberg / March 2, 2015
Jessica Jalbert is the brains behind Edmonton's Faith Healer, whose music is like a cross section of '60s psychedelia and lo-fi bedroom recordings. Jalbert's voice is understated yet bold, and it fits like a glove over tracks that range from Byrds-esque jangles to garage rock freak-outs. On "Canonized," the newest track from the… More »

Kanye West – “All Day” (Feat. Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London, & Paul McCartney)

By Chris DeVille / March 2, 2015
Kanye West debuted his much-leaked single "All Day" at the Brit Awards last week, and now a studio version has emerged. The So Help Me God song's bouncy, bass-heavy beat also features verses from Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London, and a massive "Monster"/"Black Skinhead"-style riff slices through the track from time… More »

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