I'm all for Juggalo kindness, but calling the entire community non-judgmental and inclusive might be a bit much? I bet there are a lot of shitty juggalos!
$3.6 billion? That must have been a pretty big... techno wallet? Jaz drive? Sorry, I've only seen Hackers twenty times.
Please just send this headline back in time to 2009.
Edgefield is a kickass venue and they would be a blast to see there.
God I love it. This direction is very satisfying.
I’m in the PNW and it’s gray and wet and I want summer now plz
Every time someone asks it’s less likely to appear like some sort of reverse Beetlejuice.
I almost wish they would’ve waited till summer to release it
Is his name even Kelly? He’s a Kelly poseur. That’s right, shots fired shoe boi.
I dig it. Cool guitar solo.
$14 for a 7" is ludicrous. It's also sold out. What a shame.
“All Time Low” is great! “Everything” is probably the worst NIN song?
The fact that the former two aren’t already in it reminds me that I’m not missing much by ignoring the whole thing. LB is probably my closest cuz it seems like the sort of thing he would actually want.
Fair! They’re definitely culturally over saturated, but I still dig em and would love to hear their story in a singular cohesive arc from their own points of view.
Really, I just want like a 6+ episode Fleetwood Mac documentary before everyone's too dead to participate.
um kanye has class. clearly he will bring out XXXTentacion‘s decomposing remains and make it dance around to a vocoder or something.
Man, there needs to be like two of every music documentary now. A reasonable 1.5 to 2 hour version for normal people, and a several hour multi episode slog for nerds. I watched a four hour Grateful Dead documentary and I can’t stand those guys. Good doc, too.
I listened to Buoys once and I really couldn’t stand it, which is a rare miss for me+Panda. I should give it another listen maybe on like ambien or something
Pft clearly you haven’t seen any 90’s Aerosmith videos.
Very excited for this. +10 hype
I’m calling it that Daddy’s Home is gonna become a darling album some time down the line. Or I’m wrong and I’m just stupidly obsessed with this album no one seems to like.
Talk about burying the lede. Mulaney and a bored winery lord talk-singing over a squarewave? Sign me up!
This is a ridiculously stupid beef and I am all here for it. Team Comfy Shoes oh and while we’re at it Earplugs at Shows for Old Asses.
I’m very confused by the downvotes unless a lot of people think David Crosby is an angel? It was just a (dumb) burn on that guy. At least downvote something worthwhile: Giving Neil a big ol Pat on the back for *ahem* winning this battle as he goes on to sing the praises of two other mega corps that are ethically flawed beyond belief is fucking embarrassing.
Neil Young and Joni Mitchell support banning Spotify. David Crosby supports pissing on a dog, maybe?
Joe Rogan is trash. But this isn’t a good look fron Neil.
Just finished Get Back last week. It was a lot! Worth it just for John talking about plastic and stages while Paul is casually writing Let it Be in the background. I also loved George and Ringo working on Octopus’s Garden together. So wholesome.
I hope this album actually comes out! I think Alice could’ve been huge if she had released more stuff post CC, but it’s just such a trickle. Any word if Jupiter Keys is still doing production for her?
This song absolutely melts me. That key change? Goddamn.
That Magic Eye sucks shit.
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