I hope one is actually hurt or in danger, but the whole thing reads like a performance art project, in the vein of something Death Grips would do. Smart move to keep it on Bandcamp, the only place for artists to get a decent pay out.
This site loves referencing that Zeke E. worst case scenario shock value quote. You should read this article by him so you know what kind of clown you are looking up to:
Like so much here in LA, particularly these days, they are just maintaining appearances.
I love how when Banks is off duty from Interpol he dresses like a basic bro. He's always seemed pretty well adjusted.
This is lesser Berninger but that's mostly because the National's highs are so high. Just about everything he does is going to be worth listening to at the very least and this is no exception.
I agree, I gave it more thought than it merited. It's just another one of a million tweets that are pseudo clever nonsense.
We should stop citing that month old NYT roundtable as having any real authority. No one knows anything. Go back at look at articles just a month ago. So many projections never came to pass. Things are moving fast, almost daily. CDC just today says you can't get this thing easily from surfaces. Go figure. I would wager we will have shows later this year with extra "safeguards" in place.
Too true--but how long can one sustain irony as their brand...?
Surprised to hear that from a Phish fan. I'm no huge fan myself but they are hardly common or plain or flavorless or whatever "iceberg lettuce" means. That tweet is in the genre of tweets that sound clever at scrolling speed, but if you slow down and reread make little to no sense. (I sense a case of projection.)
He's the best. But he's been nominated for Emmys like 4 or 5 times in a row for BCS so I think may be finally rating him!
So great. But it's like their 20th best sketch?! The whole series was so loaded. Some faves that spring to mind: Coupon the Movie Grass Valley Greg Pretaped Call in Show Story of Everest Monsters of Megaphone Lie Detector Taint Too many to list really... I'm feeling a binge coming on.
It's too bad really. His "scandal" that forced him out in retrospect seems positively quaint compared to some of the shit we're willfully ignoring in others these days.
This article is from May 7 but he made his comments today. So we'll wait for a legitimate example of Adams actually being "under fire". This site is getting way too casual with inaccurate bait headlines recently. There was a mischaracterization of Lana's comments as saying Mother's Day was "problematic" and that Louis the Child were "defending Hitler" in just the last week. Gotta tighten the ship up, captain.
Lovely interior design. Her song's not half bad either.
Lids on beverages? Is that where we're headed with all this? Random symbolic gestures? The equivalent of the TSA security theater we deal with at airports?
PSA - Ableton is currently 30% off if anyone here has been thinking about grabbing it.
I've always felt that if AP would buckle down and refine his focus just a bit, he is the closest thing we have to an heir to Beck here in Los Angeles. He can basically do any sound and genre and has great pop instincts but too often hides it beneath jokey lyrics and murky production.
Well, this is nice. But I feel like with his skills, it probably took about 10 minutes to write.
Do people still use "tl;dr" ?
Best "hate" songs? Nomination:
And it was AW that first brought the name into the chat as bait which is disappointing.
Great. Let's get them on a fight card with Lanegan and Liam. This timeline from hell just does not quit, does it.
"I am recovering from surgery and barely alive..." but I must send this tweet right now.
"In charge"--lol. I'm just noting how a supposed neutral news agency is clowning this clown here. Basically doing Twitter's (or Stereogum's) job to snark on things. That's a bit troubling. Or, at least would be in better times.
So Reuters is basically using the Gawker blog tone in posting this clip. Great. This whole shitshow is one big troll job on us, all sides playing their part.
This doc was decent enough but has little style or new revelation and was clearly sanitized with their approval. (A bit odd how much older the Beasties look than their listed ages of early 50's. Hope they're healthy. (RIP Yauch.))
Actually, no criticism is intended (and an upvote to prove that). I couldn't really begin to criticize because the whole presentation is so dense, so much to unpack, that it's virtually impenetrable, to a newcomer.
Nice. Somehow this doesn't surprise me from these kids. They are prankster nerds at heart so this is right in their wheelhouse.
We get it-- you two are a fun, sexy, talented couple. You may stop throwing your awesome life in our faces already, thanks.
This person is... a lot.
Great idea. Then maybe Ed could add some atmospheric guitar, Colin some tasteful bass, and Philip a bit of tight drumming.
Maybe it's an inverse relationship between the degree of bass ability and degree of mouth opening. Case in point - Jaco:
This is not a bad take at all. But I'll raise you with an even worse take for kicks: he's overrated. Or, rather, overpraised. He has about two dozen all-time, god-tier pop songs, mostly with Beatles (no doubt with heavy input from George Martin), but many, many more middling, even mediocre songs.
The quality of the songs has never been in question. The production and the arrangements on these new ones on the other hand....