putting Bieber and all his Bieber-isms aside for now, can i just say: christ i hate Dominic Fike and that one fucking 3 Nights song in particular.
oh will they actually let Brittany Howard perform for real this time instead of having her be second fiddle to an Alicia Keys snoozefest like last year
i really prefer this style of 90s nostalgia, if we've gotta be there. give me less post-grunge more y2k breakbeats
acoustic guitar and KAZOO? THREE E's in his last name? this poor man.
great casting, and Haynes's previous biopics are so good, and unlike any others. very excited.
lmao she really waited until after the nomination, of course
i am gutted. a tremendous loss for us queers, music at large, and most importantly those closest to her.
this track is pretty good and honestly that first album holds up really damn well. i spun it constantly during the first few months of the pandemic when i was returning to old high school favs for comfort.
Remember Sports and Adult Mom are genuinely so much worse, as names
lot of things nobody wants from this dude anymore like his opinions on current events, for one
RMR's bit stopped feeling fresh as soon as the first spin of Rascal ended.
i would leave a more specific comment but i don't want to be included on vol. 3
this is a shitty way of thinking about genre
judging a band by their name is corny at this point but god "dad sports" is literally a name from a joke "20's indie-pop band name generator" post and it is kind of off-putting because of how lazy it feels
genuinely tearing up a little over this. Jeff's work covering this story and the work of John Hamasaki, Drakeo's lawyer, as well as all the people who fought to get Lacey out of office are all to thank here. let's hope Gascon keeps this kind of work up, and not just on the big-profile cases. but also we need to get out 03 Greedo next.
grim reaper said "fuck covid, gonna taken them all out early"
buddy, you are just this guy right now
this shit put me to sleep faster than her other albums
well fucking deserved, a fantastic album. and completely free on bandcamp right now, if you haven't heard it yet
you said "deeply melodic" but i read "deeply mediocre"
sorry man but gating live performances behind a $300 speaker *and* $80 quarterly subscription is an awful idea and will crash within a year at most
the machinery behind k-pop and their weaponized stans is grotesque and terrifies me
Cocker seems to be fine for now, unless he comes out in support of J.K. Rowling or some shit
not to be a pedant, but Peele isn't directing the new Candyman, so referring to it as his film feels a bit off. he's only producing and a co-writer, Nia DaCosta is directing.
i know it's not a charting song, or a song at all, so it technically doesn't get rated but i give that Stranger Things clip a 1/10. purely cynical nostalgic horseshit. an awful show all around.
these songs were technically already officially out, they were just exclusive to the Japanese edition. or if you bought the CD from Target. like i did. like a dweeb.
there's enough room in the world for both
i have had maybe too much jangly, fuzzy garage rock in my life for the past few years this is fine but i'm just so bored of jangly, fuzzy garage rock
1) WAP is a bop 2) please do write a whole column on Backxwash, she rules
god this single absolutely rips. Matt Ross-Spang producing and fucking Charles Hodges on Hammond? incredible. and if we're sharing tMG stories, i'll share mine. i saw them live back in 2014. i was 21, in a real rough place in my life. this was one of the rare JD/Peter Hughes solo tours, and i decide to dress up for the occasion. now, tMG aren't a punk band. or a goth band. but that was kind of my look at the time. black eyeliner, purple lipstick, matching purple hair. denim vest covered in pins and patches (including one that said "i don't want to see or be seen by straight people"). faux leather leggings and wedge boots. don't wear heels to a standing-room only concert, y'all. now, during the show, it seems like JD is looking right at me. i know good performers make you feel that way whether they really are or not, but like, this was actual eye contact, y'know? it was intense. and weird. and he plays a couple new songs from Beat the Champ. and he plays You Were Cool during the solo section. and he plays some deep cuts. and there are tears. then i get in line to buy a record at the merch table, and then i get up to get my copy of the AHWT reissue signed, he says to me: "just in case you were wondering if i was actually looking at you during the show, i was, because you reminded me of myself when i was younger." and i'm speechless. i actually can't say anything. and then he says: "can i ask you something? is yr life rad right now?" and i mutter a quiet "yeah, kinda" in a way that makes it very obvious that is is not. and he says, in a way only JD could, "well it's gonna get even radder, trust me." and signs my record. and that's my John Darnielle story.
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