I'm surprised Tobias Jesso Jr.'s still alive.
11 divided by 19 doesn't equal 30, Adele. Come on now.
Just like Iggy Azalea, we need more Australian rappers to be big pop stars before becoming vague cultural embarrassments in a few years.
That concert footage really shows that he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
Oh dang, I didn't know a new Dean Wareham album was out this week.
This is my jamalam, can't wait for the whole album.
Oh dang, time to take a trip back to junior year of high school.
Can't wait to start a Stereogum book club with that and List of the Lost.
Mike Doughty's album of re-recorded Soul Coughing songs is still one of the most amazingly petty ways to fall on your face musically I've ever heard.
I've been having a dog back half of my week owing to a really sick family member and I'm kind of in the same boat w/r/t music. Hope everything works out for you.
I saw the NYC shows back in 2019 and if you're any sort of Björk fan, go see these ASAP. Killer lineups all around.
"my songs have also been done for a couple years & will come out a solo album, I guess." Ron Howard: "It won't."
MF DOOM: "I pulled the best impersonator switcheroo in music history." Smash Mouth: "Hold my bread."
TWIABP always kinda flew under my radar, but I'll check this out.
I like Mitski's other music, but just off a first listen this feels really hookless and overcompressed.
Not trying to sound mean, but how many of Chris's predictions about the next big thing in this column came true?
Do all avant-garde electronic musicians become a somewhat weirder Kaskade when they collab with pop stars?
This isn't just an underrated album, this might honestly be one of my favorite albums of all time just going off replayability and how much I know the songs inside and out.
I don't normally say that the world would be a better place without music I don't like, but between holding back Daft Punk from #1, enabling Robin Thicke's skeevy ass and fucking up music copyright law for the foreseeable future, "Blurred Lines" not existing would be a net positive for society.
I listened to it on the walk back home and goddamn this is some good shit.
Can't wait to play this while enjoying the crisp, beautiful, *checks weather app* 80 degree Fall weather this weekend.
I started my NYFF volunteering last week and I've been unable to keep up with most new music for the past week. What I can tell you is that Titane, Benedetta and The Worst Person in the World all slap and you should see them ASAP.
Should go on tour with Minor Threat featuring the Buckcherry guy.
I feel like we're at a point where Grimes has more defenders than fans.
In terms of legitimately good Tonetta songs:
Cancer's a mother, so great for him!
When is this place gonna cover Tonetta goddammit?
Oh "Robber"'s absolutely undeniable.
This actually kinda reminds me of something Lynch would make.
"Who doesn’t love the Weather Station?" I mean I thought it was okay.
He was ahead of his time in terms of wanting a surprise drop, but that cover wouldn't have worked in any time. Where does this rank in the pantheon of awful Bowie covers?
Black Dice and Double Dagger are back to make me feel like I'm at a dodgy loft party again.