it almost feels like someone reached directly into my head and pulled this out
thanks for clarifying! i didn't think it was her but i wasn't sure.
one of his bandmates could have been Geneviève, but for some reason i don't believe she was there.
the one time i saw Mount Eerie might have been the best show i've ever been to. it was the Clear Moon/Ocean Roar tour. the show was in a semi-legal warehouse gallery space in oakland. there was an installation in progress at the time of the show, so there was just a big PVC geodesic dome in the middle of the gallery that all the bands set up in. the whole space with lit mostly with christmas lights and candles. there were two dogs wandering around. phil had three women playing with him, sadly i don't remember who they were specifically. two on bass and one on electronic drum pad. all doing backup vocals. i was sat on the floor with them in the dome. it wasn't especially loud, but it was still heavy as fuck, a perfect melding of the sound of both albums. i cried a lot. bought the two albums on vinyl from Phil after the show, gave him a quick compliment, and then went out for food with a couple of friends after. i don't remember us talking much. it was that kind of show.
congrats to the camping fan who caught taylor's attention but taylor should maybe also tell her other fans not to dox critics when the review isn't rapturous *enough*
1) i knew that was olsen's voice 2) this looks good as hell, so happy we're finally getting a new miranda july movie
don't like this quite as much as the tracks with ben babbitt but it's still quite good and feels like it might grow on me, tbh
this harlow fella's a real winner ain't he. talented, conscientious, honest. *gags*
there's a difference between a dude calling a grown woman a "chick" dismissively and a group of grown women agreeing to call themselves that. really not a problem at all.
it's still so funny to me that people were worried about him stealing votes from biden when what he's saying is... this. the only people who'd vote for him sincerely are the ones who think trump isn't extreme enough.
he's not gonna get more than a few hundred semi-ironic wrote-in votes from people who probably weren't gonna vote anyway. this isn't a coordinated attack against the dems, it's an unhinged man making impulsive decisions because he wants the attention.
he has never been possibly hard either.
sorry man but The Chicks are legit. even when moving in a more pop-country direction Martie and Emily have the fucking chops, and their harmonies with Natalie Maines are always top notch. i really recommend reading Ann Powers on the new album and maybe giving this another chance.
i'm not usually the biggest fan of his music but i've been digging the Love Regenerator stuff. i'm just a sucker for that kind of cheesy 90s acid sound i guess.
(btw, al uses they/them pronouns but i love the enthusiasm)
MY FRIEND'S ON STEREOGUM WOW i've heard this whole album early and it really is lovely, and i'm not saying that just cause al is my friend lol
the Vesuvius samples sent me to a higher plane
here's the thing: AmericanFoosball is right
to be more specific it's because of the company working with ICE:
been a fan since Early Fragments, been excited since they said they had new music coming and honestly this surpasses my expectations, cannot wait for the album
this is maybe, probably, my least favorite song. i hate it. i fuuuuuuucking hate it. i hate the weezer cover even more. i hate all the jokes about it. i hate that dumb fucking installation that white dipshit put in namibia that plays it on a loop. i hate all of it.
think you meant to say Arthur Jafa in the post there, not Yafa. anyway the song's fine
yooooo happy to see this album getting some love here, it's in my like top five favs from this year
glad i didn't read the full writeup before hitting play because the switch-up on the beat knocked me on my ass and the rest of the track lives up to that moment, damn
extremely ironic for any of these songs to be featured on a channel called "Lyrical Lemonade"
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has repeatedly posted anti-vaccine shit on her instagram and yet she did not get an entire article dedicated to it he same way M.I.A. did. why is that?
all she needed was one minute, damn.
i mean the answer is right here above this place where you left this comment
lmao fuckin cornball trying to tone police noname
Rina Sawayama did the nu-metal-meets-pop shit better than Grimes this year, as far as i'm concerned. that opening run of Dynasty, XS, and STFU! whips ass.
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