Also this is not a dig at the 'Gum and it's fine staff, but outfits such as my local regional newspaper that serves 300,000 people and every cable news outlet in the country that reported this and every cop's press release as firsthand fact.
It's truly incredible how little the merits of this story were interrogated when first reported. Not only would said perpetrator want to randomly inject people with heroin/fentanyl, a ridiculous proposition if you know even the slightest thing about drug use, but in a massive crowd where it was so impossible to move that people died due to being crushed, that said perpetrator would have the freedom of movement to not only select random victims in a wide area, but that they were capable of finding a vein! It truly seems like a large number of journalists exist only to report what comes out of cops mouths, on the basis of...what exactly, their sparkling track record of truth-telling?
I wish either my busted headphone jack wasn't or that I could sit still in the position where the stereo isn't fucked up long enough to listen to this song uninterrupted.
I'm completely obsessed with this. I listened to the rest of their songs and I also get a lot of Fleet Foxes, and beans mentioned the Young Jesus vibes. It's ridiculous how much good music I feel like I'm coming across today, you ever have a day like that? Some days I feel so lucky just to be alive, with a brain and ears.
Immediately thought the same thing!
Immediately taken by this,, throwing on New Hell shortly, what a great fuckin' day!
Comment rescinded, I'll have to see if my dad is around to listen to his Sirius XM and catch it.
Dude made up a Beach House song in his mind and declared it mid, LOL
I get huge Fleetwood Mac vibes, for whatever reason.
Wow, twenty times?? This tour is gonna be my first opportunity! Their track record is so good I think they could do a fully acoustic album and it would still be masterful.
I think we need the powers that be (Cody?) to rule on this one!
Seeing the words "eighteen tracks" literally made my heart flutter, I don't remember the last time I was this excited! Who's gonna wait until February to listen to the whole thing? I'm not sure if I have the self control...
I'll take the daily Phoebe Bridgers updates over Foo Fighters, anything really, just make it stop!
TRUCK! SONGS! I caught them with Mannequin Pussy the other week-- absolutely shredded their set, and solid dudes too.
Kinda want that comment on a shirt, I haven't stopped thinking about it all week.
Oooh, I'll have to check it out! Once I've seen Dune another half a dozen times of course.
Truly thought I would've made the Bottom Five taking a dig at Franz Ferdinand, but nope, the dishonor again goes to the Kanye stans!
"In Manhattan" is destined for a sync. I was walking out of Penn Station in my mind.
I'm hoping this album grows on me. I really appreciate the maturation in her voice and songwriting, the added lushness (pun intended) to her compositions and melodies, but I'm not grabbed by it immediately in the same way. I'm convinced it's me, and probably the timing.
Titus Andronicus is actually just starting their "Monitor" tour! I'm very excited to see them this weekend, so far it looks like the most Midwest they're getting is Chicago, but if they're playing this fest I bet an extended tour might be in the works.
Should've just renamed as "Aught".
If where I live is "up-upstate New York", I wonder how many more will take me to the Canadian border. Seems to be about 1 per hour, so, up-up-up-up-up-up-upstate New York. Maybe it'll catch on!
You're going to tease us with this but not share with the class?
I'll say my goodbyes now.
Love the upper register Cate Le Bon vibes, and ditto Rory I'm gonna have to check out Mothers ASAP!
He's feeling productive this year! The new New Bums is also well worth your time.
We're all out here pretending any artist who lives in either Brooklyn or Manhattan is living in 220 Central Park South, and not a 10'x8' box that only *just* legally qualifies as a bedroom.
Straight to the dome, can never get enough! The riffs on Sun June are so good too, they get stuck in my head for days.
What the hell was going on in the '90s where there were multiple bands with "toad" and the word "verve" in their names?
Oof, looks like my opinion is gonna take me out@
Hey look, it's the Franz Ferdinand songs I like, and 18 additional tracks!
Sun June and Lightning Bug haven't left the rotation since they both came out, and the new Trace Mountains is slotting in verrrry nicely. Some really excellent, if understated music has come out this year.
Ditto. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm more excited for Nation of Language than Snail. Snail will be great, but Nation of Language is gonna make me dance!
Bold take. Upvoting to ensure as many people see it as possible. I'll have to listen to A Billion Little Lights and I Don't Live Here Anymore simultaneously to judge your claim.
There's a lot of wisdom here about the nature of family, community, the recording process, Snoop Dogg, Herbie Hancock, the creative process, and love in general, it's overwhelming! Wonderful interview, Phil.
Choogle-deniers got to my comment, but we WILL not be silenced!
They're going city to city, killing people's parents and roasting them on spits. No one is safe. Have a word that rhymes with "Pavement" ready to go at a moments notice.
Anyone catch what the Morse code at the beginning was saying? I'm convinced Spaceman wouldn't have just included random bleeps and bloops.
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