Never a good sign when you turn a cover off to put the original on before making it halfway through. About as banal as Hirst, so at least there's some synergy.
MAGA chuds: [storm the Capitol] Republicans: Who could have seen this coming?? Ariel Pink and John Maus: [storm the Capitol with MAGA chuds] indie fans: Who could have seen this coming??
If only you'd been a fan of a tv show where one of the main characters ate sunflower seeds all the time.
The end of the url has to end in the file type, .jpg .gif .png or whatever, on imgbb I think it's listed as "direct link".
Did he teach her how to shell a pistachio or did she have to work that one out on her own
If you own vinyl start cataloging it with Discogs, at least for insurance purposes. My record collection is far and away the most expensive thing I own.
You can take the boy out of Pitchfork...
Going through my DOOM vinyl the past few days I started feeling bad for the US folks that didn't get the packaging with the semi-transparent sleeve. The packaging is so great, and the album really holds up. Saw this review on discogs which made me laugh
If I had an extremely successful pop music column I would probably use it to try and hit on Maggie Cheung, too.
Ugh these are all so fucking good. Sickening what a loss this is. At my brother's (in our bubble) for new year's but when I'm home tomorrow I'm gonna spin every DOOM vinyl I've got.
R.I.P. to a fucking legend. Start posting em.
What the fuck. Fuck this shit.
I just got a CD player in my new (to me, mostly budget ex-demo) setup after years of not owning one. Haven't used it yet, though my record player still sees near-constant use. Also worth noting that vinyl today is probably better than it has ever been. Heavyweight records, half speed masters... When it's pressed with care and you look after it it sounds phenomenal. Plus most new releases come with digital downloads so you can listen on the go if you want—you're more likely to find an aux than a CD player in a new car. But mostly it's the ritual and the big art.
You have a point, I am now listening to Pang for the first time in a while.
Fun enough, but disappointing. Shame, as the original is close to perfect and sexy Santa is my favourite Christmas song niche.
Imagine having to tell people you met on Carpool Karaoke.
Still a total sucker for his pitch-shifted, woozy, couple of kHz off sound, so this is great for me.
The original Christmas weeper. There's also a Nat King Cole version, but I think Vera Lynn's is sadder.
Not even close to the thrill of the original. v=azhgpelu0vY
Rrreally looking forward to the new Emma Ruth Rundle. Supposedly a more ambient direction? Here for it. There for it. Whatev.
Is it dumb, overblown, schmaltzy, time capsule shit? Absolutely. Does is still slap? Absolutely.
What separates her for me is just that her voice touches some emotional part of me. I don't know what it is, but something about it hits different than so many others who play similar stuff. If it weren't for that, I might agree. Glad that I don't tho.
You cannot be talking about the white incel crowd other than as a spokesperson with that username and avatar.
Number 4! Number 4! Number 4! Also please stop trying to make me watch that Charly Bliss Christmas video from 2017. PLEASE.
Most of my favourites are already mentioned except my #1: Erratics and Uncomformities by Craven Faults. Kosmiche analog synths by way of—and heavily inspired by the landscape of—post-industrial Yorkshire. Came out right at the beginning of the year and I'm still all about it.
The English dubs on Ghibli movies are usually really good. Looking forward to this one, with slight trepidation—I think the trailer looks great in places but lifeless in others. But what I'm looking forward to most of all is people accidentally watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Really really loved Necrot's Mortal these past few months. It's just... Not overly complicated. A lot of the modern death I love is intense and heady and bordering on the psychedelic but Mortal is just fucking intense and I love it for that.
While you do have to be physically fit there is subtlety in understanding the curl of the stone, when to brush and when to leave it, where it ultimately needs to be placed. Cycling is ultimately about stamina and managing that stamina, and doping gives a much larger pool to draw from. It shows that curling teams are never really hench, but cyclists have crazy lower bodies. So uh, stop harshing the vibe, man.
Does the sound of that image of Ann Druyan turn up in the album itself, like Venetian Snares' cats?
People are so desperate to "start living again" that if/when the world goes back to normal the most heinous shit is going to sell out in seconds.
Apparently this posted while I was part way through and still reconfiguring. So my top 10 is 7 tracks and 7—10 are blank because one isn't numbered, and I stand by that.
#1 Midwife - S.W.I.M. #2 Róisín Murphy - Narcissus (Extended version)* #3 Dogleg - Wartortle #4 Osees - Terminal Jape Backxwash - God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out of It #5 Porridge Radio - Give/Take** #6 Johanna Warren - Bed of Nails #7 #8 #9 #10 *From November '19 but I don't carrrre **Okay so I would have put 'Lilac' but I think two '19 tracks is pushing it
They should get rid of the drug testing. I wanna see 'roided up cross-country skiers hulking through the snow, a curling team who have discovered the perfect dose of edibles to totally zone in on their game, the snowboarder with blown pupils trying to explain the paradox of their gold medal win only being achievable through the death of ego.
This is the kind of song that makes you lie down on the floor. Pretty sure it's "plates of cold cuts tremble in their laps", which is super fucking bleak when you think about the themes in the song.
Winter > Summer Let me know when they start doing it on ice.
Okay but
Too young to know shows from the '60s—'70s, too old to know shows from the '80s—now... Is there a chance that you've just been watching an aquarium for all these years?